Privacy Policy

Jump 2 It Coaching Privacy Policy – Members and Volunteers

I am committed to complying with my legal responsibilities under the data protection law. I take your privacy seriously and will ensure all personal information is kept secure.
When I collect, use, share, retain or do anything else with your personal information (known collectively as processing) I am regulated by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
This notice applies to you if you are:
• An existing or prospective member of our club
• A person with parental responsibility for a club member
• An existing or prospective club volunteer or official

I have a separate notice which provides privacy information relating to employees.

It is important that you read this carefully as it contains key information about how I use your personal data and your associated rights.

About the club

Jump 2 It Coaching is a membership organization. Our members are the adults or children (parents if under 18 years of age) who bounce. I provide the opportunity for our members to participate in many activities, which include recreational classes, holiday classes, developmental training sessions, squad activities, club socials and competitions.
Protectivity provides insurance for the club, its coaches and individual members. I am registered with British Gymnastics who governs the sport and squad members are registered with North Staffordshire Trampolining to take part in competitions and events.

Information Collected

• Contact Details (gymnast or parent and emergency contact details)
• Date of birth
• Gender
• Any relevant medical condition and/or disabilities and additional
related information
• Other relevant individual needs for example, information about
learning, religious or other support needs.
• Any individual risk assessment (member or other if applicable)
• Details of any reasonable adjustments or steps taken to support
individual needs.
• Details relating to standards of conduct
• Attendance and achievement records
• Training and technical information (competitive Members only)
• Any communication from, to or relating to you
• Details relating to standards of conduct
• Any accident or incident reports including details of injuries

Purposes for processing information about you

I use the information I hold about you for a variety of purposes which are outlined below. Data protection law requires me to tell you what my legal reason is for each purpose.

Contractual purposes

When you ask me to provide you a service, such as club membership, classes, competitions or other activities I usually need to use information about you to provide this service, for example:
• To contact you to confirm arrangements
• To notify you about change
• To tell you when it is time to renew membership or re-register for activities
• To process payments or send you receipts

Legal obligations

We have a duty of care to ensure it is safe for you and/or your child to take part in trampolining activities and to keep you and/or them safe while participating. Some individuals may be at risk of harm from participating as a result of pre-existing conditions. It is vital that you let me know if there is any reason why taking part in trampolining may be unsafe prior to participation. With your agreement we will review any information you provide and undertake risk assessments in consultation with yourself and any appropriate trained professionals e.g. medical consultants. When we ask participants to provide relevant health information such as details of medical conditions, medical needs, allergies or injuries, this is because we have a legal obligation.
When you tell me of any special needs such as disabilities or other support information I may use relevant information to comply with my legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010. I will review any information you have provided to help me identify actions I can take to support inclusion. I may need to ask you for more information to help me to best meet your or your child’s needs. I will keep records of any steps I take to support inclusion.
I retain information about you, even after you are no longer taking part in trampolining activities, this is often because I am required to do so by law. Sometimes I am also legally obliged to share information about you or your child with a third party. More information is provided below.

Legitimate Interests

I rely on legitimate interests for the following purposes:
Responding to communications, concerns or complaints and seeking feedback from you about my services.
I will use information you provide to any comments or questions you raise and where appropriate to undertake investigations into
complaints or concerns. On occasions, I may contact you to seek your views on the services I provide.
Holding emergency contact information
When you join the club I collect contact details. I also ask you to provide an emergency contact which we will only use in exceptional circumstances if we are unable to contact you. It is your responsibility to inform all emergency contact persons that I record and store their personal details for as long as you and/or your child remains at the club. As these are on the consent form this will be kept in locked storage for 3 years before being destroyed.
Maintaining attendance registers, achievement records and waiting lists
For health and safety purposes and club records I need to maintain a register of those in attendance at training and all other club activities. If there are no places in the club, I can place you on our waiting list and will contact you using the details you provide to inform you when a place is available
Entering you into competitions and providing results
If you wish to take part in club competitions, you information (usually your name, date of birth and gender) will be used to enter you into the appropriate category and your score will be recorded. Results of competitions are normally published on our Facebook page and Team App.
Monitoring performance and undertaking fitness assessments
If your child is in the squad I will need to collect additional information about them. I tract and monitor each members performance during training, and competitions and through regular fitness assessments.
Filming for coaching purposes
On occasions I may film members during training sessions for individual coaching purposes. These videos will not be used for any other purpose without consent and will be deleted once finished with.
Photography and filming to promote the club
I may take photos and films at training sessions and club events to promote the club on our Facebook Page or Team App. Any images of children will only be published in line with my safeguarding policy and with your prior consent. Let me know if you do not wish you and/or your child to be filmed or photographed or you do want images to be published. While I can usually take steps to prevent this at small club competitions it may prove more difficult at larger events to avoid capturing you in footage.
Running and monitoring our clubs social media
I will monitor the Facebook page and Team App by tracking all articles and where necessary get articles, pictures and film clips removed.

I have carried out a legitimate interest assessment (LIA) to ensure that the above processing of data is necessary and carried out in a way that ensures a balance between the club’s interests and your individual interests, rights and freedoms with appropriate safeguards, especially to protect the interest of all children. I can provide details of these assessments on request.
You have the right to object to use of your information for any purposes I undertake based on legitimate interests. Further information is provided in the section below on individual rights.


I rely on consent in the following circumstances:
• to take photographs and videos during training sessions and competitions
• to record, store and where appropriate share personal information.
When you give me your consent for your personal information to be used for a particular purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, which you may do by contact me. Your withdrawal of consent will not affect any use of data that was made before you withdrew your consent.

Special categories of personal data
Special categories of personal data are a category of information that is more sensitive and requires greater protection. Some of the information I process falls into this category (e.g. health/medical data you provide to use about a disability or your religion, race or gender identity). It is unlawful for organizations to process this type of information unless as additional legal condition applies. I only process this type of information if one of the following applies:
• You have given your explicit consent or have made this information public;
• I am required to do so to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim;
• I am required to do so to comply with employment, social security or social protection law;
• There is substantial public interest in doing so; or
• It is in your vital interests and you are unable to provide consent e.g. if you are unconscious or do not have sufficient mental capacity.


Any marketing to promote the club which uses images of members will only be done with prior consent.

Why information is shared

I have a legitimate interest in sharing your personal information with British Gymnastics to ensure the sport is safe and well-governed and where relevant to access support and advice.
I may also be required to share your personal information in the following reasons:
• Comply with legal and/or regulatory responsibilities
• I may be required to share information with bodies such as Her
Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Police and Information Commissioners Office (ICO). I may also share information with other organisations to safeguard children. Any information that is shared will be strictly limited to what is required to ensure children are protected from harm and will be carried out in accordance with the law and relevant government guidance.
• Insurance
• Obtaining legal or professional advice
• Obtaining a service from a third party
• All service providers are contractually required to ensure your information is secure and cannot be used for their own purpose. Where I am required to share information with them to provide the service, I only disclose information that is strictly necessary.

Transfers of data out of the EEA

I do not transfer or store your personal data outside the UK or European Economic Area (EEA).

Individual Rights

You have important rights under The General Data Protection Regulations:
• To be informed about how your information is processed (set out above)
• To access any personal data held about you – You can request a copy of any information I hold by writing or emailing me.
• To have your data rectified if it is inaccurate – if you think that any information I hold is inaccurate you can ask that corrections are made. I will either make the requested amendments or provide an explanation as to why I will not make changes.
• To have your data deleted (except if there is a valid reason to retain it) – when you leave the club I will delete or destroy any information you provided within three years except for any financial/accounting records which need to be retained for six years in line with UK tax law. Additional information that has been provided solely for the purpose of participating in a specific activity will be deleted after the event. Video footage that has been taken for coaching purposes will be retained only as long as it is required for that purpose and in most cases, will be deleted within a month.
Photographs and other video footage captured for promotional purposes will be retained for up to five years. After this time, they will be deleted unless I consider them to be of public interest and should consequently be archived for historical purposes. Where images have been published on social media, these platforms providers may continue to process data after the retention period has lapsed. You have the right to request the deletion of your information in advance of the above retention period. All requests must be in writing.
• To have your information restricted or blocked from processing
If you object to processing, I will restrict the processing of your information for the purpose to which you are objecting whilst I review your objection.
• To portability
If you wish to move to another club then I am happy to transfer any information that I do not need to retain to fulfil legal obligations.
• To object to:
Any processing based on legitimate interests
The right to object is specific to the member’s particular situation. I will stop processing your personal data unless I can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for processing, which override your individual interests, rights and freedoms or I need to process your information in connection with a legal claim.
Your personal information being used for direct marketing activities
You can object to our direct market activities by withdrawing your consent.

To exercise any of your rights or if you have any questions about my privacy notice please feel free to contact me at

Jenny Masterman
Head Coach