Payment information 2023-2024

Dear Parent / Guardian.

Thank you for bringing your child/children to Jump 2 It Coaching and North Staffordshire Trampolining. Your support is much appreciated, I hope you enjoy your time with us. Please feel free to give us any feedback or approach us to talk about your child’s/children’s progression.

North Staffordshire Trampolining is a Community Club, with the profits being reinvested into equipment coaching and facilities. We keep our costs as low as possible and our numbers to a minimum on each trampoline. Due to an increase in hall hire we have had to increase our fees slightly this year but still keeping a reasonable price. Please ensure you read all of the important information below.

Payments need to go into:

North Staffordshire Trampolining Club: Sort Code: 09 01 29    Account Number: 28034793

Fees as below, MUST be made by standing order made by yourself on the 6th of the month. 1st payment will need to be on 6th September and will continue for 10 months (last payment 6th June), (Congleton is 9 months due to bank holidays). As the sessions run to term time (40 weeks) you end up paying slightly in advance though finish early in June. A text will be sent in May with last months payment details to credit any sessions. Please get in touch if you do not receive this


If payment is not received as stated above or by the 7th of the month a £4 fee will be incurred.

If payment is not received within 7 days your child/children will not be able to attend there next class.

If overpayment is made due to not cancelling payments as requested this is seen as a donation to the club.

The fee incurred above is due to the additional administration and communication time spent addressing these errors.

Cash payments for sessions are not accepted. We do not give refunds, however we can credit future lessons if there is a valid reason and agreed by the committee. If your standing order is not cancelled when instructed (you will receive a text mid May) any further payments will be considered as a donation to the club.

PRICING: Weekly classes are paid monthly:

20min 1:1s: £42pm, 1hr: £19pm, 1.5 hr: £28pm, Squad 1.7hr: £35pm (incl 20 minutes conditioning, summer sessions, WM & judging fees. Double Squad:£65) For multiple sessions calculate accordingly using the prices above. A reminder text if not set-up by SO will incur a £4 late fee. For class days and times please refer to: Class Timetable

We have an Afterschool clubs at Congleton: 3.00-4.30pm (for children at the school), which have been subsidised, these are paid termly on 6th September, 6th January & 6th April: Congleton High School: £40 per term. Please set up a Standing order for each of these dates, using the same information above. A reminder text if not set-up by SO will incur a £4 late fee.

Please see below for date of payment and weeks paid for. Classes run in school term time (always on 1st weekend if Sat/Sun). We do offer additional holiday sessions too if interested. All the fees have been adjusted to accommodate for school holidays but please note fees do not change if you are on holiday or your child is absence due to sickness or illness. Should a trampolinist be affected by long term illness then a break from fees may be authorised, please contact to discuss.

 6th Sept6th Oct6th Nov6th Dec6th Jan6th Feb6th Mar6th Apr6th May6th June
Wk 112th -19th    Sept10th-16th  Oct14th– 20 Nov12th-18th Dec 23rd – 29th Jan27th – 4th Mar9th –15th Apr7th-13th  May10th-16th  June8th– 14th July
Wk 219th -25th Sept17th – 22/30th Oct (23 OFF)21st – 27th Nov19th-22 Dec & 6-8th Jan30th – 5th Feb5th – 11th Mar16th– 22 Apr14th– 20th  May17th -23 June15th– 21st July
Wk 326th  – 2n Oct24th – 29th Oct/6th Nov28th Nov – 4th Dec9th-15th Jan6-12th Feb12th-18  Mar23rd – 29th Apr 21st – 26th (M 27th May off)24th – 30th Jun 1Wk dep. for Sept/
Admin fee
Wk 43rd-9th Oct7th–13th Nov5-10th Dec (11 OFF)16th-22nd Jan20th – 26th Feb19 -24th / 25th Mar30th Apr – 5th May
(M 6th May off)
3rd -9th June 1st – 7th July39 Weeks

Holiday dates: Oct 30th– Nov 5th , (Congleton 23rd & 30th) Dec 23rd – Jan 5th, Feb 13th – Feb 19th, Mar 25th – Apr 7th, May 6th (BH), May 27th – 2nd June, Summer Holidays start July 22nd, return Sept 3rd 2024. . If your class is on a Saturday/Sunday we are always in on the 1st weekend of the holidays and off the last, except over Christmas this year

Cancellation of sessions – Over the year it is inevitable that some sessions will be cancelled due to conditions beyond our control, this will therefore be deducted off the last standing order payment due on the 6th June

Termination of membership – If a trampolinist is leaving then the Head Coach needs to be informed one month prior to payment of intended resignation. Failure to maintain appropriate payment will result in automatic termination and exclusion from classes.