Code of Practise

For the safety of all the following rules must be observed

  1. Participants must wear sports clothes or leotards with socks or trampoline shoes on their feet. Trainers will need to be worn for the session warm up.
  2. No jeans, hooded tops or clothes with buttons or zips will be allowed onto the trampoline.
  3. Hair must be tied back and no jewellery is allowed to be worn (including body piercing) when on the trampoline.
  4. Those participating must not use mobile phone/other devices during the session.
  5. Parents are asked not to use their phones in the session, if you need to do so please exit the sports hall. If you wish to take video or photos please ask permission from the Head Coach, it is also expected for you not to get any other children in the video/photo.
  6. All drink bottles must be placed at the end of the trampoline but off the safety mats. This will prevent participants from landing on them when coming off the trampoline. Under no circumstances are hot drinks to be consumed near the trampoline.
  7. No food is to be consumed throughout your child’s session.
  8. It is expected that at the beginning/end of each session that participants, parents and other volunteers help to put out/away the safety mats only.
  9. Only coaches or trained volunteers can put out/away the trampolines.

Safety and spotting

  1. Use the trampoline responsibly and only in the presence of a qualified coach.
  2. Running around, going underneath or swinging on or under the trampoline is not permitted. Running is not allowed in any of the sports halls other than to warm up at beginning of each session.
  3. All participants are expected to warm up prior to getting on the trampoline and this must consist of a maximum of 8 runs across the sports hall.
  4. Parents are asked not to lift their child on or off the trampoline but to support them to climb up themselves or using their parents leg as a step.
  5. Participants must always sit down on the white bed part of the trampoline bed and roll onto their stomach when getting off the trampoline to prevent falling off or tripping up at the edge of the trampoline.
  6. If your child is under 8 you will be required to stay in the session, you will be asked to stand by the trampoline and spot for your child for safety reasons. This rule does not apply on Day courses in holidays as we know how many are attending and can organise accordingly.
  7. All parents who wish to remain by the trampoline during the session must refrain from standing on the safety mats unless they are spotting for their own child.
  8. Whilst spotting parents are asked to focus on the safety of their child, paying attention when they are on or standing by the trampoline. Younger children are not to be held in parents arms as they need to be free to catch or support their child if they venture too close to the edge of the trampoline.
  9. All those participating in the session must remain by and stand by the trampoline at all times. The coach may allow a child to sit down by the trampoline on certain occasions but on the sports hall floor not on the safety mat. Children who continually move away from the trampoline when they should be spotting may be asked to leave the session as this is classed as a very serious safety issue.
  10. Only participants old enough to spot, the participant’s parent and the coach can be on the safety mats next to the trampoline at any one time. If for any reason parents are unable to spot for their child, it is THEIR responsibility to ensure that another adult or appropriate heighted child is available to perform this task during their child’s allotted time. This is not the responsibility of the coaches present and failure to comply could result in the child being removed from the lesson.